About Beacab Gems Inc.
Beacab Gems Inc. (, est. 1990, is a wholesale company registered in New York, New York specializing in natural and genuine diamond and colored stone beads, briolettes, cabochons, carvings, and drops. The company runs its sales operations at 2 West, 46th Street, in the heart of the world's most renowned diamond district. Beacab stems from a family business in North India who have served the global gem and jewelry industry for over 7 generations and have catered to aristocratic families and retailers. Bringing the same level of expertise and range of products to the United States Beacab Gems is a well recognized and sought-for company across the industry. It has been a member of the American Gem Trading Association (AGTA) for over 20 years committing to follow ethical and moral practices for its growing customer base.

What is is a sales and marketing platform of Beacab Gems Inc. that aims to display 100% of the company's offline inventory to its current database of designers, retailers, and jewelry enthusiasts as well offer its unique products and services to new customers. The website is keen on being extremely user-friendly in all platforms and showcasing products in their true color and form hence avoiding any special alterations or malpractices for its online visitors. Visitors are highly encouraged to send requests or call 1-212-921-2854 for more details and price information regarding a specific product. Prices on products will not be shown on in order to protect the business of our loyal retail customers who repeatedly choose Beacab Gems for their business.'s Product Range
Beacab Gems Inc. understands the need of today's markets and has built a large selection of gemstones over decades varying in size, shape, color, origin, quality, weight, and price. Its range of products cater to all segments suiting all budgets and constraints.
"Among the world's largest supplier of Genuine and Natural Diamond and Colored Stone Beads, Briolettes, Cabochons, Carvings, and Drops."