Multi-Sapphire Cut Stones

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The sapphire is arguably one of the most versatile and striking stones. It is hard to believe that sapphire belongs to the gem family corundum as does its fiery red sibling the ruby. It is even more amazing to know that while rubies would not be anything but red, sapphires exist in a mind boggling array of colors enough to entice the staunchest of ruby-lovers. While the deep blue sapphire is undoubted king of them all and the most sought after, there also exists a lovely, albeit rare, pinkish orange stone known as ‘padparadscha’ Sinhalese for ‘lotus flower’ and a sapphire that exhibits different colors in different ambient light known as color change sapphire. Multi-colored sapphires are available at in packets of graded, sorted, calibrated gems in round, pear, oval and marquise shapes. Well cut, high quality single stones are also available. In terms of color, white, green, yellow, multi-color, orange, pink, and purple stones are available in light medium and dark tones. Sizes range from single stones weighing 10 carats to large packets with hundreds of stones and weighing more than 100 carats.