Blue Diamond Beads

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Blue diamonds are very rare and understandably quite expensive. Eclectic mix of emotions, flawless vivid blue diamond possesses magnificence of royals. These rare pieces are probably preferred by those who want to style like kings and princes. High pressure and high temperature result in beautiful blue diamond that is all around faceted into eye-catching beads. Overtones of grey, green, or violet colors in pure blue is fascinating.

Popularized by The Hope Diamond
While most diamonds are colorless, natural brown, yellow, pink, red, blue and many other colors own the opulence and individuality. Massive 45.52 carats blue diamond, Hope Diamond popularized blue diamond further. Beacab lots of faceted blue diamond beads are exclusively offering that will sure to electrify the plain outfits.

Unmatched brilliance
The undulated beauty is imitable. Steely blue diamond beads varies in intensities ranging from faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, fancy deep and fancy dark intensity grades. Discover interesting beaded look for your jewelry with whimsical diamond beads on Beacab. These are minimum 1mm in diameter and maximum 5.5mm. The beads are stringed in to single lines weighing between 18.68 to 54.96 carats.

Richness of color and undisputed shine of diamond allure modern gem enthusiasts as like the Monarchs in the distant past.