Brown Diamond Beads

Brown diamond beads are also known as champagne diamonds. Varying shades, colors and intensities of the color brown in diamonds is termed differently. For example darker hues may be classified as cognac, lighter ones as champagne, etc. Brown diamond beads add a solemnity and heavy look to any piece of jewelry. A strand of brown diamonds or dangles that end with a brown diamond cube looks and feels beautifully solid and robust. Moreover brown diamond beads are available at’s dedicated page in a variety of colors, combinations, sizes, weights and quantities. Sizes range from 6.90–7.90mm to as small as 1.3–2.5mm. Shapes include round beads, faceted beads and diamond cubes. Matched lines, either single strands or multiple lines up to 5, 6 or 7 in number can weigh from 17 carats to more than 200 carats. No matter what your sourcing need for brown diamond beads, it is sure to be met here.

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