Diamond Drops

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Diamond drops are used in the finishing of heavy jewelry like formal necklaces, earrings and blingy adventurous bracelets too. As the name suggests diamond drops are shaped like drops (or pear shaped if you like) and could be faceted or smooth. Diamond drops were used extensively in antique jewelry, and are even today in traditional Indian jewelry. Single clear high quality diamond drops make a classy earring suspended on a textured metal chain. stocks a wide variety of diamond drops in myraid colors, shapes, sizes and combinations. These are available in black, grey and white with multi-colored, dark, medium and lighter toned variations. Individual or paired finely faceted diamond drops in champagne and white colors are also available to tempt your creative palate. Apart from this there are lines of graduated multi colored diamond drops with or without clasps in fancy and single colors. Weights range from lines of 70 plus carats to single stones weighing 3–4 carats. Sizes range from small 2mm stones to larger ones measuring 7 mm in length.