Diamond Beads

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Diamond is an extension to luxury. Diamond Beads available at indulge excitement with the unique aura of colorful beads. We have huge inventory with plethora of colors, shapes, sizes and varieties at These shimmering beads are fanciful in varying textures as well.

Variety of shapes
Round is the most popular shape yet a variety of alluring shapes like cube, tube, drum, drop and briolette are extremely thrilling. Faceted or polished non-faceted beads in range of colors contribute unexpected vibrancy to jewelry. Our diamond beads are meticulously crafted into as small as 1.7 mm to match even the modest dressing and reaches to good 7.9 mm size.

Colors to charm buyers
Multitude of lighter sparkling white, yellow, blue, pink, to darker black and brown, diamond beads are stylish in fancy colors. Jewelry designers and buyers are captivated by the versatility of diamond slices and rough diamond chunks available with us.

Quality at best
In whatever form it may be, Beacab diamonds undergo stringent quality check. Though colored diamonds are difficult to be graded, yet, we have managed to accumulate and graded them. You can buy high color and clarity diamond beads that are an epitome of beauty, modernity and pocket friendliness.