Rough Diamond Beads

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There are songs and sayings about ‘diamonds in the rough’ and rightly so. These stones that are so beautiful in their faceted form, possess a beauty entire different and entirely raw in their uncut form. Edgy and contemporary jewelry forms take to rough diamonds like fish take to water—effortlessly and with an enviable ease. Diamond crystals come in different forms such as octahedral, cubic, macle twins, and balas crystals. Wrapped rough diamond rings, rough slice pendants and roughs as center stones in chinky cuffs are all ways to showcase these wild beauties to their best effect. Choose from a variety of rough diamond beads from These include diamonds in grey, yellow, multi-color in light, medium tones. Dimensions range from 4 mm to 7 mm plus sizes in single strands weighing 50 carats to 110 carats.