Yellow Diamond Beads

Yellow color has the shade and calmness of sunshine, which brings more happiness to the lives of people. This yellow shade of gemstone is a pleasant and loved by all. This gemstone is also called as the ‘canary diamonds’. These shiny, beautiful and stunning gemstones rule your heart and mind with deeper emotions. These exclusive stones are more expensive in the Diamond category. These diamonds intensifies the Yellow color and provides different grades and shades along with it. The range of the Yellow stones varies from fancy light to vivid yellow ones. has got all the color shades, sizes and shapes on these beads. The stones available are faceted yellow diamond beads, light, medium and dark tones make up single, double and multiple strands weighing as little as 10 carats to 104 carats. Sizes range from delicate beads measuring 2 mm across to big and bold pieces 7 mm in diameter.

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