Diamond Drops & Briolettes

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Diamond drops and briolettes are the classier alternatives to beads and tassels in finishing off heavier necklaces, formal wear earrings and some adventurous bracelets too. Briolettes are drop shaped stones with triangular or diamond shaped facets on its entire surface. There is no table, crown or pavilion. The more facets, the more brilliant the stone. This kind of stone was used extensively in antique jewelry. stocks a wide variety of diamond drops and briolettes in different colors, shapes, sizes and combinations. Strings of black, grey and white diamond drops, multi-hued, dark, medium and lighter toned diamond briolettes, and individual finely faceted diamond briolettes in champagne and white colors are part of the inventory. Apart from this there are lines of graduated multi colored diamond drops with or without clasps and in fancy and single colors.