Emerald Cut Stones

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Perhaps there isn’t a more true representation of sheer beauty than a greenly glinting emerald cut stone set in an elegant ring. Indeed, emeralds continue to rule the hearts of all who behold them. Only the best quality emeralds are fashioned into cut stones. Often, due to the brittle nature of emeralds, they are cut as rectangles with truncated corners. So popular has been this cut, that although it is known as a modified step cut is now often referred to as the emerald cut. strives to bring to you only the most beautiful, hand-picked cut emeralds. These range in shape from modified square cut, quarter crescent shape, emerald cut, octagonal emerald cut, pear shape, faceted heart shape, and octagonal mixed cut. Colors include the clearest of greens to deep mysterious greens in sizes from 2 carats to 5 carats.