International Buyers

What do you mean by an International Buyer?
Buyers which reside outside of the United States are referred to as International Buyers.

How can I pay for my order if I don't have an US Credit Card / Debit Card facility?
International buyers can pay securely via PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer. It is not necessary to have a US Credit Card, Debit Card.

How much are the delivery charges for locations outside of the United States?
International Shipping charges vary per product per country. To get an estimate, please contact us at or send a request price from the product you are interested to purchase.

Do you offer Free International Shipping?

No, we do not offer any Free International Shipping at this time.

Is there any import Duty?
For orders outside of United States there may be additional import/duty fee collected by your country's Customs Department upon Import. It is the buyer's responsibility to 1) know what items are importable and 2) pay any import/duty fees. Items which are not allowed for import will be returned to Beacab Gems Inc. by FedEx and the customer will be refunded the order amount minus the shipping, fees, and any other handling charges. For any questions, please write to