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Sapphire—a gemstone the color of a bright summer sky or the inky depths of the deepest ocean. A stone revered by kings and thought to be an enhancer of creativity a harbinger of purity of thought. New love and commitment are its companions and so are faithfulness and loyalty. Little wonder then that it is a favorite the world over. Now you can add a blue sapphire to your jewelry repertoire whether you are a connoisseur, jewelry designer or private store owner by adding blue sapphire drops to necklaces, fringe earrings or pendants.’s blue sapphire inventory has an array of these multi-faceted stones in a variety to tempt even the most discerning customer. Choose from smooth or faceted blue sapphire drops in all shades of blue in sizes ranging from pairs weighing 80 carats; strings of matched stones weighing anywhere between 70 carats to 300 carats; and suites of four or more stones in graduated sizes.